I’ve held speaking engagements at the following places and with the following groups:

  • United Nations World Headquarters
  • Commonwealth Club of California
  • San Francisco Department on the Status of Women
  • Futures Without Violence
  • AAUW – Laguna Beach Chapter
  • Women’s Intercultural Network
  • Exceptional Women in Publishing – EWIP
  • African American Art and Culture Complex – San Francisco

On Nov. 29, 2016, two weeks after Donald Trump was elected president, The Commonwealth Club of California hosted a panel of 50 Women anthology contributors Nwe Oo, Masha Maslova, Silvia Vasquez- Lavado, and Boona Cheema for “Global Women Speak: Advice for Our New President on Issues Facing Women Around the World.”

The event sold out one week prior to the date and the women were met with questions about what the president – elect’s new administration planned to initiate regarding the rights of women and girls. The audience’s concerns included existing public health offerings like Planned Parenthood and access to abortion.

Listen to the audio from CWC radio here.

Photos by Leila Seppa for CWC.

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