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United Nations 2014

For seven years I have collaborated with the United Nations and the various civil society non governmental organizations that contribute their research and insights to the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). Here are my roles over the years and how they have evolved:

  • OneMama.org (Current Permanent Representative to UN).
  • Women’s Intercultural Network (NGO delegate and Board of Directors): For five years I served as a member of the Board of Directors where I drove media strategy and our NGO narrative about the policy initiatives we advocated. I worked on the Cities for CEDAW initiative, encouraging municipalities to adopt the CEDAW ordnance currently in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations. CEDAW is a human rights treaty for women currently ratified by all of five United Nations member states.
  • Women News Network (WNN): I reported on global women’s issues and the annual Commission on the Status of Women sessions.
U.S. Department of Defense, 2016

Priority Theme: Violence Against Women, CSW 57 annual session (2013)

Priority Theme: Barriers to Implementation of the Millennium Development Goals for women and girls, CSW 58 annual session (2014)

Priority Theme: Beijing Plus 20- the 20 year review of the Beijing Platform for Action (2015)

Priority Theme: Sustainable Development (2016)

Priority Theme: Balancing the Changing World of Work (2017)

Policy Reporting and The “Truth First” Media Era: Talking truth in Brussels

University Circuit, 2016
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European Union, 2017


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European Union, 2017