Puerto Rico in crisis

Puerto Rico is reeling under more than $70 billion of debt. For months since the PROMESA legislation passed, officials have warned about the island commonwealth’s inability to pay back investors while maintaining health care and school services for its residents.

Natural World

What consumes us is also what captures us and what we must capture. The power of photos is they imprint our “deep breath” moments – our pauses from the noise of the world. Below are natural world photos from moments where everything felt right with mankind. Location: Various global

State of Zikr

Sufi Muslims practice a form of mindfulness meditation involving deep breathing techniques and chanting rituals known as Zikr. Meditations begin with daily Islamic prayer, eventually progressing to chanting and deep breathing exercises.

United Nations in motion

Six years of photographs from trips to the United Nations reveal the bustling and hectic days undertaken by international delegations of diplomats who come to negotiate the most critical issues of our time for their member states.

Post-Fidel Cuba

In December 2016, the Cuban people faced an uncertain future in the wake of Fidel Castro’s death. Pride in the nation was represented everywhere, side by side with unique artwork.

Perso a Milano

Images from Duomo Cathedral and Sforza Castle – built in the 15th century by Francesco Sforza, Duke of Milan.  Leonardo DiVinci produced significant works behind its walls. Location: Milan, Italy


Location: Lucern, Switzerland; Zurich, Switzerland; Interlocken Smithsonian Magazine – Top Destinations for the Cultural Traveler