Stories from Girls and Women of Mogadishu


An intense project funded but the British Embassy of Mogadishu and UK AID Conflict pool with support from UNICEF, Stories from Girls and Women of Mogadishu met the world at the United Nations in March after two years of coordination across three time zones.

Jessica Buchleitner and Sagal Ali present at the United Nations in March. (CISP-Somalia)

Teams of field researchers spent weeks under the direction of Co-Producer Sagal Ali reaching out to women and girls in all sectors of Mogadishu society – from government officials, merchants, gender based violence survivors and 13 year old school girls. The project included Mogadishu-based journalists, researchers, photographers and artists.

The creative and editorial direction drew inspiration from 50 Women anthology series and other international compilations.

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Jessica Buchleitner at United Nations in March with Stories from Girls and Women of Mogadishu (CISP-Somalia)

Published by Comitato Internazionale Sviluppo dei popoli (CISP) Rome, Italy.

CISP- Somalia is based in Nairobi, Kenya.

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