Nothing But The Truth Anthology

Nothing But The Truth So Help Me God 

Contributor of essay titled, “Help a Sister Out” about the state of women in the developing world.


Editorial Reviews

“Sex. Cancer. Divorce. Shark Attacks. A compilation of 51 essays sheds light on personal experiences and the power of the female bond.”

-C Magazine

“[This title] will impress the avid readers in your life…Female authors, activists, and entrepreneurs share their stories of professional and personal experiences in this collection of essays.”
-Teen Vogue

“I love the diversity on display in [this book]. The women represent different races and ethnicities, come from different socioeconomic backgrounds. If you’re seeking authentic inspiration and radiant truth, this is the book you should be reading.”
-Gabrielle Bernstein

We know that women change each other’s lives just by being there for one another.”
-Ariana Huffington